La Gomera

An island of nature, history and culture.

The main attraction of this volcanic island is its nature.

La Gomera is a magical combination of cliffs sculpted by the sea, wild beaches of black sand, mountains worn by the rains and ancient forests taken from a fantasy book. It was declared in 2011 as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

It is the ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and being in contact with nature. It also has a wide network of trails of different difficulties. 

It is also an island of history and culture, giving rise to traditions such as the Silbo gomero, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Places not to be missed

And for the more adventurous we recommend...

Whale watching

The crystal clear waters surrounding La Gomera make these seas a place of life and passage for various cetaceans such as dolphins, whales, whales and whales.

In Casa de Domingo we recommend nature lovers to take advantage of this activity during their stay with Excursiones Tina, also located in Valle Gran Rey. They will not regret and will take some unforgettable memories.


The island has multiple well-marked hiking trails.

One of the routes we recommend in Valle Gran Rey is the Barranco de Arure trail. This hike has a low difficulty, with an approximate distance of four kilometers between round trip and an approximate slope of 200 meters (positive on the way, negative on the way back). It starts from the neighborhood of El Guro, a small town in the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, and progresses up the ravine to reach the waterfall of Arure.